We’re on This Old House!

Imagine my surpise to wake up to a Facebook notification that our upstairs bathroom was featured on MSN.com and on the This Old House website!  I submitted before and after photos to the This Old House renovation contest several months ago.  I had no idea we were selected as a national finalist for the best budget redo.  As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time on their website and also read the This Old House magazine cover to cover.  I think I started watching their original tv show over 30 years ago and their influence was probably what led me into a wayward life of house renovating.

I chose the bathroom since we are in no way ready to enter the whole house renovation category and the bathroom is the only truly finished room in the house.  Which is, frankly, depressing.  The kitchen is very close, but I still need to do the backsplash, so the bathroom was chosen as our entry.

After two years of working away at a whole house renovation, it is so incredibly wonderful to receive national recognition for all of our hard work.  We are nowhere near finished, but this does give me some encouragement to keep working!



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