Old House Christmas

I never ever put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Except for this year. My oldest son hosted Thanksgiving so I had no compelling reason to wait to decorate.  My 11 year-old daughter and I decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving and I think a new tradition has been born!  It was much more relaxing to decorate without having the stress of Christmas quickly approaching and the depressing thought that it would all have to be taken down within a few weeks.

The front foyer has our smaller tree which is decorated with all vintage ornaments.  I bought these last summer from an estate sale and they are gorgeous!  They are very fragile glass so I have been even more careful to keep the Golden Retriever out of this area of the house.  blog1120177.jpg


blog1120176In the living room is our big tree, covered with our crappy collection of unbreakable family ornaments.  Emma and I realized how nice the vintage ornaments were after we started putting up the family ornaments!  I don’t believe in perfect trees when kids are involved and our ornaments reflect that. They may not match but they hold lots of memories. blog1120179blog11201712

Into the second foyer (a leftover from when the house had a side entrance) I have my favorite Christmas decoration on display, an old ceramic tree.



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