Holli Seabury Casual 2012bI am a mother of seven, wife, non-profit administrator, and eternally optimistic home renovator. My latest and biggest challenge is an 1860s house on Main Street in a small town in Indiana.


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  1. Our family lived in the “Briggs House” from Sept. 1951 until early 1962..it was the first “home” for three of our children….lots of wonderful memories and a real challenge as the kitchen and dining room was located in the basement….if the walls could only talk!!!!

  2. Joyce Bush sent you a note and she would love to visit should you have an Open House, I am married to her cousin and he walks 3 to 4 miles around town and has taken pictures of the outside to show Joyce. My name is Sue Weaver and my phone # 693-2228…thanks for considering letting her visit.

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