Master Bedroom Redo

I was asked recently if I have a plan for the renovation – at this point there is no plan, I just work on the room that is annoying me the most.  When we moved in last September, the master bedroom had been painted, but there were no baseboards, or trim around the doors.  Two weeks ago, I walked into the master bedroom and realized I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I started installing and painting baseboards and ceiling trim. Lots of evenings after work with my miter saw and a whole lot of sawdust.

When we bought the house, the master bedroom was as big of a mess as the rest of the house.  9376601509_428bfcfb27_z


It was a large space, with a sitting room, but only a small closet. The closet was ripped out and the sitting room and closet area became a master bath.  The bedroom beside the master was very large, so we stole some space from it to make a walk in closet in the master.  The master had two beautiful 1920s light fixtures, they were cleaned and re-wired and are now downstairs in the foyer area.

I wanted the master to have a 1920s feel to it so I did traditional draperies and put wall sconces on either side of the bed for reading.  I love that they are off the side tables and not competing with the stacks of books I usually have on the tables.  The side tables are vintage and I gave them a new coat of stain and poly to refresh them.  On the floor is the very large area rug that was in the dining room of our former house.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the ceiling is a few shades darker than the walls.  I wanted the bedroom to have a warm, cozy feeling.



After the woodwork was finished I moved on to sewing….and sewing…..and sewing.  I sewed so much my sewing machine broke.  I had chosen the fabric for the curtains and bed pillows way back when the house was just a shell inside.  Over the past year I also began collecting vintage oil paintings of roses, which made my husband think I had lost my mind.  However, he now sees it was all part of the master plan to match the roses on the curtains.  Ok, he may not care about my master plan, but it makes me happy!

Of course, as I am taking pictures, a kid comes in and inserts herself.


The master bedroom closet is in line after the sunroom is finished, and the master bath, well, I will get to it at some point. Right now I am going to take a nap in my clean, sawdust free bedroom.


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