Painting, painting and more painting…..

Mark and I both have off work between Christmas and New Year’s and our vacation has been spent painting.  And painting.  Followed by more painting…..The house has 10 foot ceilings on the first floor and 9 foot on the second floor so priming and painting the walls and ceilings is a real workout.  Since the entire house has new drywall we need to prime every wall and ceiling before painting, so it is a seemingly endless process.   Luckily, there is a hardware store a block from the house so when we run out of primer or painting supplies, it’s a quick run to get more.  I think living that close to a hardware store will be incredible for me, especially as they also sell chocolates there 🙂   

Emma picked lavender for her bedroom and there are actually three shades of lavender in her room: a light shade on 3 walls, a darker shade on the wall her bed will be on, and a very pale shade on the ceiling.  IMG_4630 When she saw the painted room I asked her if she liked it and she said, “No…. I love it!”  Well, really, what 7 year-old girl wouldn’t love a lavender bedroom?   

The hall bath was painted a light blue

IMG_4642the master bath a sage green

IMG_4640 and the boys rooms are being painted a pale blue/gray. 
IMG_4654 My oldest son Josh has been helping at the house painting primer on the new drywall and pulling out the floors in the boys bedrooms. 
IMG_4651The original hard wood in those rooms is under a layer of linoleum and subfloor.  Whoever laid the subfloor was kind enough to put nails literally every 3 inches so the floor comes up in tiny chunks.   It’s about 8 hours of labor in each room to get up all the subfloor.  Josh asked why they put so many nails in the floor and I told him, “Clearly the floor was laid by an asshole who hated the people of the future.”   It’s really the only explanation.

The kitchen area has been painted a very pale cream color.  IMG_4645
That area was originally two rooms and was so dark when we bought the house that it seemed like a depressing area for a kitchen.  We opened the wall between the two areas and installed a six foot French door to the back porch.  Now it’s very light and welcoming and will be even better when the new cabinets  come in three weeks!  We are laying new wood floors in the kitchen, dining room and pantry.  IMG_4646
There was no original wood in that area, just old subfloors, which had to be replaced.  I originally wanted to lay tile but the floors, even after floor leveler, just aren’t level enough and I thought the tile might crack.  I like the look of wood in a kitchen, and will make a separate post when the floors are finished. Here are some original kitchen pics, hard to imagine we could have bought a house with a kitchen this scary looking!  IMG_3192


IMG_3194It has been a real process to get those floors installed and finished.  Then it’s on to laying tile in the bathrooms so we can finish the plumbing.  The fun never ends…..




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