The Sunroom





When we first looked at the house, I thought one of the best features (aside from the huge front porch) was the sunroom.  The sunroom was added on in the big 1917 renovation and, of course, turned out to be expensive to re-do.  The first problem was that all of the old windows were rotted out.  This fix involved $2,400 worth of new windows.  But before we could install the new windows we had to deal with the concrete foundation under the sunroom, which was collapsing.  We had to pull the floor out of the sunroom so they could prop it up, tear out the old concrete foundation, and pour a new one.  Sounds expensive, right?  Yep…..   

But now, with the new windows and floor in, I can see how wonderful the sunroom is going to be.  I have plans for it to be my office and to line the wall against the house with bookshelves.  This will give a place for all the textbooks and binders of research I have accumulated in the last year and a half of working on my doctorate.  Considering these now live in piles beside our bed, the sunroom bookshelves will be a huge improvement! 




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