Tearing Down Our New (Old) House

IMG_3379The past week I have had a few moments of doubt when I look at the destruction I have wrought on our new house….well, what’s left of our new (old) house. When we bought this house, there was never any question about the renovation process – we were doing a gut reno. The electric was from the dawn of electricity, we wanted 2 additional bathrooms, and most of the plaster was falling off the walls. Plus, houses built in 1860 just don’t fit with our modern lifestyle (hello, no laundry room). So walls needed to be moved, a heating and air conditioning system, and the associated ductwork, needed to be added and everything needed to come out of the house. I mean everything.

It’s just that it’s such a shock when you walk in and walls and ceilings are laying on the floor and a crew of Amish workers are busy swinging hammers at what’s left of the walls. There is the moment of, “I am responsible for completely destroying a house. A house I own, that I have now rendered essentially worthless.” But, as scary as this first step is, it’s the first step in the process of making this old house beautiful again. See the pictures of the interior destruction here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29656951@N00/sets/72157634820466824/


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